Every video we make is grounded in the results you need. We deliver strategic energy to our clients content, allowing them to curate, refine and reuse content intelligently.

Our approach to video is grounded in strategic thinking. It takes more than pretty pictures to move an audience, it takes a carefully crafted digital experience to allow content to resonate. We use our Meaningful Moments method with our clients do identify where your audience is spending time, and to work back from there with a creative concept to work best. To us, it’s not about making videos, it’s about creating brand storylines. Storylines that manifest in the most appropriate channels, working to the strengths of that platform and maximising the potential results of a campaign.

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What Strategy services do we offer?
Video Strategy

Understanding the nuances of how each channel can play a part in our clients goals is the key element in a campaign success, we offer video strategy services to give any content the strongest chance of success.

Campaign Content Strategy

We have strong experience working with brand teams to develop creative video content plans that complement and strengthen their marketing campaigns.

Video Brand Guidelines

Video needs to feel like it is coming from the same voice as the rest of a brand's marketing, formalising the intricacies of making content into video brand guidelines is how we do this for our clients.

Video Marketing Audit

We have extensive experience working with brands to fully audit their video marketing performance, and offer advisories for meeting their goals.

Campaign Activation

Video has a remarkable power to introduce viewers to a clients brand, we support this process creatively and strategically to empower brands to launch the most impactful campaigns.

Research and Insight

Understanding the landscape of video allows us to be better informed strategically and creatively. Knowledge of the market can give our clients the competitive edge for their branded video content.

Channel Management

Our in-house team can support clients in setup, managing and maintaining their video channels. We help make the most of both social and delivery platforms to optimise experience and measure performance.

Content Marketing

Video is an incredibly powerful tool in creating engagement through content marketing, we lead our clients to bespoke plans and ideas. Either producing content, or enabling clients to do so themselves.

Performance Analysis

Measurement and refining a brand's video content is critical to growth. We support clients through discovering how content has performed, offering advisories on how to make each channel or content work best.

Our clients love our Strategy services
We live and breath video, from branded content to high profile campaigns. Each video production is made with a love of the craft and a care for our client's brand.
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Some of our favourite projects (we think you’ll like them too)
Project Insight
Center Parcs – Waterside Lodges
Creative, Production, Strategy & Motion Graphics

To capture the luxury of the new Waterside Lodges at Center Parcs. The video helps potential guests get as close to the experience of the lodges without actually being there. Our task was to showcase not only the new waterside location, but the high quality furnishings and design throughout.

Fat Free Media
Great people with great skills, all ready to roll

There’s always something new in video, so we know commissioning a film can be a bit of a daunting process. Maybe you’ve got something specific in mind, or maybe you’ve no idea where to start. Maybe you’re worried you’ll get a dull, dry, old-school video when what you really want is something bright, shiny and beautiful.

It’s ok. At Fat Free we’ve got a strong track record with some fantastic organisations all over the world. We’re a friendly, expert team, based under one roof – filled with creativity, fuelled by cake and fun to know. Together, we’ll listen to everything that’s great, and challenging, about your business, before creating a hardworking strategy that gets the results you need – and more.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? We offer more than just Strategy services, you know.
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  • "No matter how fast technology changes, good ideas are always the glue that brings a good video project together. We've never been button pushers, we're proud and passionate creative thinkers to the core."

    – Neil Rostance, Partner & Creative Director
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