Motion Graphics

Making a brand move is one of the most fulfilling parts of the process, our team overflows with talent and experience to deliver outstanding animations.

We offer a design-led team of animators who are passionate about creating captivating work for our clients. Our team delivers motion graphics and animation from social campaigns up to large scale event visuals. We lead clients to a place where their brand can move in a way that feels consistent and complementary to the rest of their output. Movement, pace, rhythm and tone are all areas of a brand that are commonly unchartered territory, but with our understanding and experience of how to approach this we deliver rich and rewarding animated experiences for our clients and audiences.

Individual services
What Motion Graphics services do we offer?
Art Direction

Creating the right visual tone for content can help create a specific experience for the viewer. Our team design and develop an art styles that form the basis of any animation.

Illustration & Design

Our team is made up of talented artists, illustrators, designers and all round visual storytellers. Bringing a consistent love for design to video projects means creative tone is kept intact from start to finish.

Character Design & Animation

The nuances of character design is something our team is highly experienced in. We support the design, illustration, rigging, optimisation and animation of characters for all sorts of styles.

Explainer Videos

A brand message delivered in a neat and tidy package. We have created hundreds of explainer videos for brands around the world.

Animated Brand Packages

When a video brand is established, we can develop and distribute video brand packs to internal design teams to keep this consistency maintained across other uses.

2D Animation

Our animation team are visual artists to the core. The love and care that goes into vector animation, cell animation and hand drawn animation is why our clients return time after time.


Our in-house compositing artists work to a refined pipeline for every shot. We're experienced in managing and delivering complex composites for commercials and campaigns.

Event Visuals

Captivating audiences at events around the world, our work has been seen by thousands of viewers in all shapes and sizes. Our team is highly experienced in the AV considerations that are needed to produce hardworking event video content.

Stop Motion

A classic craft that is still very much alive in our studio. Brands look to us to guide them through the process from early concept to complex set design.

Kinetic Typography

For fast-moving promotional content, our in-house animation team can bring to life a brand message through this technique.

Our clients love our Motion Graphics services
We live and breathe video, from branded content to high profile campaigns. Each video production is made with a love of the craft and a care for our client's brand.
Our Video Work
Some of our favourite projects (we think you’ll like them too)
Project Insight
Film Hub Wales – Anim18
Creative & Motion Graphics

To sum up 100 years of animation into 30 seconds, celebrating the history of British Animation as part of the Anim18 festival.

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There’s always something new in video, so we know commissioning a film can be a bit of a daunting process. Maybe you’ve got something specific in mind, or maybe you’ve no idea where to start. Maybe you’re worried you’ll get a dull, dry, old-school video when what you really want is something bright, shiny and beautiful.

It’s ok. At Fat Free we’ve got a strong track record with some fantastic organisations all over the world. We’re a friendly, expert team, based under one roof – filled with creativity, fuelled by cake and fun to know. Together, we’ll listen to everything that’s great, and challenging, about your business, before creating a hardworking strategy that gets the results you need – and more.

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  • "No matter how fast technology changes, good ideas are always the glue that brings a good video project together. We've never been button pushers, we're proud and passionate creative thinkers to the core."

    – Neil Rostance, Partner & Creative Director
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