We live and breathe storytelling, creating impactful branded video content that resonates with an audience and drives engagement.

Tools and technology may change, but the core skills of a good storyteller are what sets us apart. A foundation of creative storytelling paired with a strategic mindset gives us the competitive edge. We discover creative and compelling ways to connect with an audience through meaningful video content. A blend of digital expertise and creative instincts allow us to navigate concepts, audiences, channels and technology for brands. Through our end-to-end branded content solution, we unlock an opportunity for brands to create meaningful experiences between them and their views.

Individual services
What Creative services do we offer?
Concept Development

Creative video content is powered by good ideas. We deliver conceptual support for anything from mute-friendly branded video content to high profile campaigns.

Script Development

Brands may have a creative starting point but need support with developing a script for their video content, our in-house copywriter and creative director supports our clients to do just this.


Visualising creative video concepts through storyboards is an essential part of getting both client, stakeholder and audience research buy-in. We offer the storyboarding process in-house.

Art Direction

We lead our clients towards the best look & feel for the video content, developing mood boards and advisories for tone, art style and design.

Social Content

Developing video content for social media means taking into consideration the nuances of each channel, our creative team can develop content that will shine through on social.

Paid Campaign Content

From 6-second bumpers to cinema campaigns, we understand how each channel affects audience experience and develop the creative video ideas with this in mind.

Our clients love our Creative services
It's not just about pretty pictures, good ideas need to survive in a fast moving digital landscape. The few seconds you have with an audience in an timeline, or screen is where best ideas win.
Our Creative Video Work
Some of our favourite Creative projects (we think you’ll like them too)
Project Insight
NFFC – That Loving Feeling
Creative, Production & Motion Graphics

To create a centerpiece video for Nottingham Forest’s season card renewal campaign. The club was looking to launch their new brand theme “That loving feeling” and this video aimed to create an emotive connection with the fans.

Fat Free Media
Great people with great skills, all ready to roll

There’s always something new in video, so we know commissioning a film can be a bit of a daunting process. Maybe you’ve got something specific in mind, or maybe you’ve no idea where to start. Maybe you’re worried you’ll get a dull, dry, old-school video when what you really want is something bright, shiny and beautiful.

It’s ok. At Fat Free we’ve got a strong track record with some fantastic organisations all over the world. We’re a friendly, expert team, based under one roof – filled with creativity, fuelled by cake and fun to know. Together, we’ll listen to everything that’s great, and challenging, about your business, before creating a hardworking strategy that gets the results you need – and more.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? We offer more than just Creative services, you know.
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  • Strategy
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  • 3D Animation
  • "No matter how fast technology changes, good ideas are always the glue that brings a good video project together. We've never been button pushers, we're proud and passionate creative thinkers to the core."

    – Neil Rostance, Partner & Creative Director
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