3D Animation

A full-service 3D offering from start to finish, combining technical and creative thinking to deliver high-end 3D workflow, assets and imagery.

Our 3D design and animation workflow unlocks whole new worlds for our clients. We deliver a wide range of animation and design services from modelling/asset development through to photorealistic CGI animation and compositing. The process is built around our bespoke 3D animation pipelines which keep our clients informed of every stage, but never overloading them with information. Having an in-house CG team means we can control the finer details of each stage without the need for external support. From full animated worlds to high-end photorealistic renders, we lead our clients to some incredibly exciting places through our 3D workflow every day.

Individual services
What 3D Animation services do we offer?
3D Modelling

Our in-house team can model and rig 3D assets for use in animation, leading our clients through the whole process of photo-realistic CGI assets.

Character Animation

Through 3D character animation, we can bring to life a brand personality in an immersive and dynamic way, consulting with clients across the whole process of design, rigging, animation and art direction.


We have extensive experience working with CAD partners and associates to evolve CGI drawings into immersive visual experiences.

Photorealistic Rendering

Using world-class render engines and our in-house render farm, the process of both technical and creative CGI render management is handled by our team.

CAD Workflow for Animation

We have strong experience evolving CAD assets through each stage of the process, collaborating with teams such as product design and architecture, the CAD workflow is handled with ease due to our refined 3D pipelines.

3D Motion Graphics

Bringing to life our clients brand in 3D results in images that captivate audiences time and time again, our in-house 3D animation team in in our studio in Nottingham lead our clients through every stage of the process.

Particles & Simulation

Our team provide a range of specialist skills and capabilities across 3D visual effects including physical and fluid dynamics, particles and simulation.

Render Management

Our in-house render farm allows us to have complete control over the render management process, reducing the risk of relying on third party suppliers, and ensuring our clients’ deadlines are met.

Asset Optimisation and Management

When developing 3D assets for our clients, we offer an optimisation and management service, allowing brand teams to have complete visibility over the types of assets available to them. We can then support to optimise 3D assets for other outputs such as AR/VR.

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We live and breathe video, from branded content to high profile campaigns. Each video production is made with a love of the craft and a care for our client's brand.
Our Video Work
Some of our favourite projects (we think you’ll like them too)
Project Insight
Toyota Material Handling – Tonero Launch
Creative, Strategy & 3D Animation

To create a visual tour of the relaunched Tonero forklift truck for Toyota through 3D animation. The video was to be part of a larger product launch for Toyota Material Handling Europe. The video needed to work across multiple territories, allowing for easy translation.

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It’s ok. At Fat Free we’ve got a strong track record with some fantastic organisations all over the world. We’re a friendly, expert team, based under one roof – filled with creativity, fuelled by cake and fun to know. Together, we’ll listen to everything that’s great, and challenging, about your business, before creating a hardworking strategy that gets the results you need – and more.

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