Project Background

Wattbike is a true market leader in the indoor cycling world. To launch their new brand #Wattbikers campaign, we were commissioned to create a suite of shorts featuring high profile athletes. The campaign, developed by branding agency, Onwards, saw Wattbike capturing and celebrating the unqiue mindsets that turn a high performing athlete into a #Wattbiker.

The concept
The concept

Wattbikers are obsessed with performance, and our creative approach focused on capturing this unique mindset and presenting it visually. Our films were pitched short, striking manifestos, a mission statement preached from elite athletes to show what goes into being a Wattbiker. We wanted to play with opposites, chaos and order, quiet and loud, the calm before storm and the intensity of a training session. With each athlete, we wanted to open up their unique perspective to the world and let other true Wattbikers discover they are also part of this tribe.

The process

Using a mixture of body-mounted cameras, and a visceral, sensory filming style, our aim was to bring the inner mindset of the athletes to life in visuals. We then paired this with pulsing and staccato motion graphics that wrapped the visuals around a sense of precision data that is the core of the Wattbike brand.

Brand Campaign
Art Direction
Mike Choo
Neil Rostance
Topher Batchelor
Kat Brown
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