Project Background

As part of their global launch of two new commercial products, Wattbike commissioned Fat Free to help visually showcase the launch through animation. From the start it was important that any content we made had a rebellious spirit at its heart. The content we made needed to represent the brand momentum that Wattbike enjoys throughout the world.

The concept
The concept

The Wattbike brand represents something more than just indoor cycling. It's about a level of accuracy and purity in the cycling realism that is simply not replicated anywhere else in the industry. It's this kind of quality in a product that required an unapologetically bold and confident tone in video. We wanted the video to feel nothing like a promotional video, but a flow of electricity. We wanted the video to create something just as intense as training on the bike. To do this, we worked with developmental design CAD to create a photorealistic version of the products. From there, we developed a visual sequence that introduced key features of the products in a visual way full of twists and turns. A blend of 2D and 3D motion graphics built up a link between the physical product, and the accuracy of the data it produces.

Neil Rostance, Ciaran Grant, Mike Choo,Dan Lucyszyn-Hinton
Editing & Sound Design
Ciaran Grant
3D Design & Animation
Dan Lucyszyn-Hinton
Motion Graphics & VFX
Mike Choo
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