Project Background

Toyota's SAS system is fitted onto Toyota Traigo and Toyota Tonero trucks throughout the world, after 20 years it is still an innovative and unique product that offers safety and confidence to drivers every day. The challenge for Fat Free Media was to develop a concept that celebrates a product that is not only 20 years old, but completely invisible. How do you re-ignite interest in something that is already quite well established?

The concept
The concept

Our approach was to develop a commercial that allowed viewers to see SAS's innovation by comparing it to the qualities of human balance and stability. By visually comparing the SAS system features to a real-life counterpart, we then allow ourselves to appreciate it from a whole new perspective.


I am deeply impressed. What a charming, intelligent, brilliant masterpiece of work! I am really amazed. It is the best clip TMHE has ever published

Axel Wahle | Marketing Director
The process

We produced the commercial over a two-day shoot at locations around Nottingham and Leicester, working with the internal resource of Toyota Material Handling UK.

Fat Free Media
Art Direction
Mike Choo
Neil Rostance
Jon O'Neill
Ashley Gardiner
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