Project Background

As part of the Center Parcs annual peak campaign, we worked collaboratively with VMLY&R London to produce a series of short commercials within the "This is Family" creative campaign. In addition to three TVC's that focused on "Mum", "Dad" and "Sister", our task was to produce commercials for "Toddler". Our challenge was to capture what Center Parcs looks and feels like from the perspective of a 3-year-old.

The concept
The concept

Our approach was to embrace the unpredictable fun and chaos that comes with being a 3-year-old. It was important to us not to stifle any of the freedom of movement that imaginative play brings to children at Center Parcs, so we devised a shooting method that allowed the toddler to simply go and have fun. The sole purpose of the crew and actors was to react and support the play. It was incredibly important that the whole filming unit could improvise and adapt at short notice so that no moment would be missed in this fast-paced playtime. The resulting film told a tender story of play, of family moments, and of freedom. All of this enabled by the Center Parcs experience, spending quality family time together close to nature.


To support our latest brand campaign we need to develop a strand of activity they uniquely showcased the Center Parcs experience for families with preschool children. The brief to Fat Free and VMLY&R was that we wanted this content to clearly live alongside the other campaign creative but it obviously the world through the eyes of a toddler is very different to that of a teen or parent. Between the two agencies what they ended up producing was series of short edits that were both heartwarming and full of humour, perfectly balanced for the social and video on demand space that they needed to live in

Chris Dowse - Marketing Manager Campaign & Creative
VMLY&R & Fat Free
Neil Rostance
Ash Gardiner
David Stewart
Assistant Producer
Kat Brown
Ciaran Grant
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