Project Background

We thought it would be funny to create a parody of Nottingham statues called “Alternative Nottingham Statues”, created by the 3D team at Fat Free. The video celebrates some of the more alternative Nottingham icons that deserve to be immortalised in bronze from the antics outside Rock City in the early hours, to the cars stuck on tram tracks.

The response
The response

Within 48 hours this video was viewed over 100,000 times across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and in various Nottingham press outlets. One of the most fascinating parts of making this video was the public reaction. We've had threats towards us for "wasting council money" as well as a few phone calls asking if these statues can be borrowed or bought. It's ultimately a bit of a compliment, but it does make you worry for humanity.


“I don’t think there’s a single person in Nottingham
who can’t relate to one of these iconic, but under-celebrated moments in the city. We’ve all been
that guy outside Rock City, we’ve all been stuck in traffic because of some idiot on the tram tracks. We thought it would be fun to immortalise them like Robin Hood. Our team of animators went out
and shot some footage, modelled the statues and put this together in a few days between projects.”

Neil Rostance - Head of Creative
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