Project Background

The Woodland Trust is a non-profit charitable trust which leads in the care of over 1,000 woods across the UK. They were looking for creative and production support in their Nature Detective family membership campaign, and approached Fat Free to work with them to launch this. Nature Detectives is a subscription which sends young members a box full of exciting activities and adventures all centred around wildlife and trees. Our challenge was to bring this to life through a campaign that encouraged viewers to sign up.

The concept
The concept

Our approach was to build on the art direction developed by the Woodland Trust, using illustrated animals that are often seen within the British woodland setting. The creative approach saw a young girl open the box in her hallway, only to be transported to a woodland environment, meeting some magical creatures along the way. The crux of our creative approach was to play on the imagination of the young Woodland Trust members, and how the subscription box unlocks a whole world of play and adventure.

Fat Free Media
Art Direction
Troy Browne / Mike Choo / Woodland Trust
Neil Rostance
David Stewart
Topher Batchelor / Kat Brown
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