Here are 211 (yes, really) inspiring things I’ve found about video, advertising and creativity

Over the last few months, I’ve collected a weekly list of inspiring things from the world of video, animation, advertising and general creativity. I started sending it via a small newsletter to a few hundred friends, clients and associates. I called it “Meaningful Moments”. Since then, the list has grown, and the feedback/replies I’ve got have made it so much fun, it’s turned into something much bigger than I had expected.

So, I’ve decided to change the format a little, and bring the weekly list to LinkedIn. I’ll still be sending out a newsletter (which you can sign up to here) but I’m quite interested to see how it might work in a slightly different format.

So here’s the story so far. A curated collection of things that are sure to interest anyone remotely linked to marketing, advertising, creative industries etc.

Head over to LinkedIn to view the list!

Note: This lists have items right back from 2017, so one or two may be a little timely.


Neil Rostance
Posted by Neil Rostance
Partner & Creative Director
Neil is Creative Director of Fat Free, passionate about leading clients towards meaningful moments through video. Neil's specialisms are in concept development, content strategy and creative direction at Fat Free.
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