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From location filming to 3D animation, we’ve been making videos our clients love since 2007. So it’s fair to say we know our stuff. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we’ll make you part of our team – involved at every stage but never drowning in detail.
Our approach, from brief to bingo
Brief, meetings & spec
First thing’s first, hello. Getting to know you is just about the most important part of our job, so we’ll talk through your strategy, help you refine your brief and agree a project spec.
Design & Storyboard
Next, we’ll come up with a handful of eye-popping creative routes, working with you to pick the best and storyboarding your video so everything’s planned out, ready for the shoot.
Shoot & Animation
Then the fun really starts. We take a hand-picked cast out on location and get rolling. Or, if we’re animating, we get cosy at our desks with a nice pot of tea. Glam.
Editing & Review
The edit. This is where the magic happens. Turning all that raw creativity into a punchy, polished video with bells and whistles ringing out to reel in your audience. Bingo.
Creative Video Production
We love original video. It’s what makes us tick. That’s why we’re proud to make really outstanding online adverts and films that do big things for all sorts of brands. We storyboard, we cast, we light, we produce, we direct, we shoot, we edit and we craft fresh, distinctive film that gets results.
Research & Insight
We start by getting to the heart of your brand, your audience and your goals. Research, research and more research. Discovering what performs well within your industry/sector, what your audience's respond the best to. We arm ourselves with information, and immerse ourselves in your brand.
We’ve work within our own production system that takes all we learned in our initial research stage, and moves this insight across idea generation, concept development, production planning and of course the production itself. On location filming or studio direction, it’s time to get the job done.
We are proud of our highly experienced in-house post-production team in Nottingham. Armed with all our insight, knowledge and understanding of your project, we pair this with our finished footage to refine and create a finished film to present to you.
Delivery & Evaluation
With our private and secure review system, you can view content via any device and add your feedback there and then. Once you approve, we can support the launch, delivery and management of the content through professional hosting and analytics or YouTube channel management.
Animation & Motion Graphics
Making your brand move is something we love. Unlike other agencies, animation isn’t an afterthought for us – we have dedicated in-house expertise in all aspects of 2D and 3D design and animation. Whether a stand-alone project or a mixture of live action and graphics, our work is hand-crafted to fit your needs.
Design & Development
With your brief at hand, our experienced designers and animators explore various creative approaches, art direction, tone rhythm and pace. We deliver this to you via mood-boards, storyboards, animation tests or simply just waving our arms. Whatever it takes to ensure you’re on board.
Our multi-skilled animation team includes specialists across 2D animation, 3D animation, Visual Effects and Character Design & Animation. We’ve invested heavily in our animation systems to enable a fast, agile and efficient pipeline, with our own in-house render farm.
Ensuring content mileage
We create artwork, environments and digital assets that can be used again and again, our smart content management pipeline means if you need adaptation for secondary outputs such as print, events or VR we can deliver with minimal costs.
Strategy & Creative
Every video we make is grounded in the results you need. We get to grips with what makes you different, what’s driving you on, what your customers think and what’s going to make them love you even more. We build a powerful strategy around your goals and design bold, beautiful creative that delivers every one.
Every one of our videos starts with story. Story story story (story). With the right research, brand understanding and audience insight we can develop meaningful and hardworking ideas that meet your objectives whilst resonating with the audience. It’s all about a good story.
Video Marketing & Strategy
We look to use our specialist experience and understanding of the digital video landscape, and use it to compliment your campaign or wider strategy. Conducting video strategy projects, developing video brand guidelines, or content/campaign consulting for digital advertising.
Hosting & YouTube Management
We have strong experience integrating video content into a wider campaign or strategy, and we can manage the tools to bring content to the audience in an agile, high quality way. We offer professional hosting solutions, as well as YouTube management services.
We’re always available to work under your brand, as your outsourced (but top secret!) video department. We’re trusted by companies and agencies around the world to be their video department, enjoying every element of our service and offering without the slightest hint of our logo.
We build strong brands and grow businesses through engaging video, animation and brand storytelling.
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